How to apply?

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The registration of candidates runs from 23 to 25 July 2018; September 6 – 11, 2018.

What you need to do?

You will need to pay the admission fee of 250 lei and to bring a candidate folder with you, on which the admission will be based, at the Ion N. Angelescu ASE building (Caderea Bastiliei), Piata Romana nr. 6, sector 1, Bucuresti, rooms 0428 and 0429. The folder must contain the following documents:

  • Envelope Folder
  • Legalized or certified copy of the bachelor diploma or its equivalent;
  • Legalized or certified copy of the grade record;
  • legalized or certified copy of the baccalaureate diploma;
  • legalized or certified copy of the birth certificate; legalized or certified copy of the marriage certificate (if applicable);
  • copy of the ID card or passport;
  • filled in registration forms;
  • CV
  • two confidential letters of recommendation (at least one letter must come from the energy sector);
  • The medical certificate issued by the medical (school or territorial) offices or the family doctor proving that the applicants are eligible for registration – in original, legalized copy or certified copy according to the original
  • four ¾ photographs;
  • receipt which proves the registration fee has been paid.

After registering, an interview will take place on Thursday, the 26th of July 2018, at 16:00 in FABIZ (The Faculty of Business Administration in Foreign Languages), Calea Grivitei, no. 2 A room 4113.

The program fee is €4000 and can be paid in four equal installments.

Additional admission 2018 information can be found at page 71 in this document. (

Registration forms are obtained from the faculty secretariat and include:

  • Application form – this form includes candidate’s personal data, university studies (initial training, internships, courses, domestic and foreign training seminars), professional experience (organizations, periods, functions);
  • Professional experience (includes detailed information on the organizations where the candidate worked, the occupied posts, the registered performances);
  • Personal record (the candidate answers a series of questions about his career plans and the motivation to follow a master of business administration program in energy).



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