How to apply?

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The registration of candidates runs from 23 to 27 July 2018; September 6 – 11, 2018.

What you need to do?

You will need to pay the admission fee of 200 lei and to bring a candidate folder with you, on which the admission will be based and which must contain the following documents:

  • Legalized or certified copy of the bachelor diploma or its equivalent;
  • Legalized or certified copy of the grade record;
  • legalized or certified copy of the baccalaureate diploma;
  • legalized or certified copy of the birth certificate; legalized or certified copy of the marriage certificate (if applicable);
  • copy of the ID card or passport;
  • filled in registration forms;
  • two confidential letters of recommendation (at least one letter must come from the energy sector);
  • four ¾ photographs;
  • receipt which proves the registration fee has been payed.

The program fee is €4000 and can be paid in four equal installments.

Additional admission 2018 information can be found at page 71 in this document. (

Registration forms are obtained from the faculty secretariat and include:

  • Application form – this form includes candidate’s personal data, university studies (initial training, internships, courses, domestic and foreign training seminars), professional experience (organizations, periods, functions);
  • Professional experience (includes detailed information on the organizations where the candidate worked, the occupied posts, the registered performances);
  • Personal record (the candidate answers a series of questions about his career plans and the motivation to follow a master of business administration program in energy).



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