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About The Energy MBA

Energy issues have always been important in both internal and external relations. Energy is also present in the media almost every day and is becoming essential to politicians, diplomats or journalists. These days, however, the energy sector is undergoing major transformations. Today, professionals that are working in the energy sector need a better vision, by studying its different activities, in order to understand its interconnections with the economy, society and environment. For these reasons, global trends on the energy markets and policies are critical, in their mutually influencing dynamics, while considering the most pressing issue of our times – global warming.

A focus on energy consumption and production or available scenarios for the upcoming decades need to be addressed during the course. Moreover, the risks and opportunities of the nuclear industry and the challenges and perspectives of the renewable energy sources, in the context of EU energy policies, are crucial to be discussed, considering the attention that the energy transition has nowadays. In the process, digitalization, smart technologies, energy efficiency and emerging products and services, will also be considered, while debating on the sustainability and affordability of the energy system.

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Programme Overview

No. Course Professors
1 EU Policy in Energy Radu Dudău, Alina Mihaela Dima
2 Energy Market Corina Popescu
3 Renewable energy and Climate change Adrian Tanțău
4 Energy Policy and the Environment Filip Cârlea, Alexandru Săndulescu
5 Informatics Systems in Energy Laurențiu Frățilă, Jan Leitermann
6 Development of Human Resources in Energy Violeta Dincă, Lavinia Rașcă
7 Financing of Energy Projects Ion Lungu, Virgil Musatescu
8 Management Systems in Energy Carmen Păunescu
9 Entrepreneurship and Business Development in Energy Adrian Tanțău, Roxana Clodnițchi
10 Energy Trading Corina Popescu
11 Risks in Energy Business Cristian Bușu, Cătălina Nedelcu,
12 Regional Development & Green Clusters Mihaela Dan, Alexandra Chinie
13 Corporate Social Responsability Strategy of Energy Companies Corina Pelău, Alexandra Chinie
14 Strategy and Performance of Energy Resources Iulian Iancu, Filip Cârlea
15 Absorbtion and Audit of European Funds in the Energy Field Ion Lungu,  Gheorghe Oană
16 Relationship Marketing in Energy Cătălin Curmei, Giles Dickson

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