The 11th International Conference on Business Excellence Strategy, Complexity and Energy in changing times, 21 March 2017



The 11th International Conference on Business Excellence

Strategy, Complexity and Energy in changing times

 “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln

31 March 2017, Bucharest, Romania

Mini Track on Energy, Climate Change and Sustainability

Mini Track Chairs:

Adrian Dumitru Tanţău, The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania,

George Darie, Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania

Marius Stan, University of Chicago

Energy is one of the most important fields of study in our contemporary society. Special focus is placed on energy research based on the recent events such as the convention for limiting global warming proposed by COP21, the multiple financing opportunities for business and research in the energy field and the sustainability efforts that companies strive for towards accomplishing the 2020 objective of the European Union.
The Society for Business Excellence jointly with The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, especially the “Entrepreneurship and Business Administration in Energy” MBA program, encourage participants as academic researchers, practitioners from the business sector, PhD students, people working in public administration and in the non-governmental sector, etc. to submit papers on the topic of Business in Energy and Climate Change.
The main topics covered by the hereby call for papers are related to:
 Energy efficiency
 Renewable energy
 Business models for energy
 Thermal strategy
 Entrepreneurship models in energy
 EU energy policy developments
 Qualitative and quantitative analysis in the energy field
 Climate change impact
 Decarbonisation
 Energy poverty policies
 Strategic thinking and sustainability in business



Minitrack Chairs: Adrian Dumitru TANȚĂU, George DARIE,

Marius STAN



Room Virgil Madgearu, Piața Romană no. 6




Adrian D. TANȚĂU, Mohammadreza KHORSHIDI, Ali Asghar Sadeghi MOJARAD (95)

International oil companies sustainability after oil price decline


Mihail-Bogdan CĂRUȚAȘIU, Constantin IONESCU, Horia NECULA (123)

Optimal technical and economic strategy for retrofitting residential buildings in Romania


Nela SLAVU, Cristian DINCA (131)

Economical aspects of the CCS technology integration in the conventional power plant


Roxana PĂTRAȘCU, Eduard MINCIUC, George DARIE, Ștefan-Dominic VORONCA, Andreea-Ioana BĂDICU (134)

Energy efficiency solutions for driers used in the glass manufacturing and processing industry


Eduard MINCIUC, Roxana PĂTRAŞCU, George DARIE, Ioana DIACONESCU (135)

Implementation of energy efficiency programs using cogeneration based on internal combustion engines


Ana-Maria Iulia ŞANTA (84)

The common energy market of the European Union utopia or reality?





Natural gas transport system in the Extended Region of the Black Sea in the current geopolitical, GEO-and geo-economics context


Monica Florentina CALOPEREANU, Alin-Nicușor CALOPEREANU (19)

Priorities in Romania`s energy strategies in the current European and Euro-Atlantic context


Ileana GAVRILESCU (37)

Effective business models for electric vehicles


Paul BARANGĂ (10)

Opinion on the new financial products issued by financial institutions – structured products –


Maria MAASSEN (52)

Correlations between energy economy and housing market prices in the EU-impacts on future sustainability




Raluca TIRTEA, Cosmin MĂRCULESCU (132)

Economical aspects of using biomass as energy source for power generation


Elena PRESURA, Lacramioara Diana ROBESCU (133)

Energy use and carbon footprint for potable water and wastewater treatment


Corina MURAFA (106)

The energy performance contract – key towards energy efficiency in europe or simply too complex to work?


Dimitre NIKOLOV, Ivan BOEVSKI, Petar BORISOV, Teodor RADEV, Adriana MIHNEA (64)

Benefits, opportunities, cost and risk in delivering public goods in agriculture: south central planning region in Bulgaria case study


Corina PELĂU, Alexandra Cătălina CHINIE (69)

Environmental Key Performance Indicators of CSR activities in the energy industry


Georgeta-Mădălina MEGHIȘAN, Dorin TOMA (107)

Public health management: life expectancy and air pollution


Daniela ȘERBAN, Corina PELĂU, Alexandra Cătălina CHINIE (155)

Calculation of the differences of attitude and behavior of two generations with the Euclidian-metric




Sergiu BRAȘOVEANU (14)

Oil and gas business in changing times


Virgil DUMBRAVĂ, George Cristian LĂZĂROIU, Gabriel BAZACLIU, Dario ZANINELLI (136)

Demand response power system optimization in presence of renewable energy sources


Roxana CLODNIȚCHI, Cristian BUSU (120)

Energy poverty in Romania – drivers, effects and possible measures to reduce its effects and the number of people affected


Adriana DUȚESCU, Adriana Florina POPA, Florin DOBRE, Georgiana Oana STĂNILĂ (116)

Marketing of financial & accounting professional services, major milestone for business sustainability


Ștefania-Daniela BRAN, Iuliana DOBRE (13)

Bioeconomy – an interdisciplinary approach


Mohammadreza KHORSHIDI, Robert STAIGER (49)

Iranian National Oil Company business model based on finite and infinite energy resources


Florin Octavian MATEI (55)

Strategies to protect the forest and develop businesses in services offered by the forest


Kapllan HALIMI, Ekrem GJOKAJ (109)

Development of small and medium enterprises in the rural areas of Kosovo


Răzvan RĂDULESCU, Alexandra Cătălina NEDELCU (117)

A comprehensive method of matching the supply and demand on the Romanian energy market


Adriana AnaMaria DAVIDESCU, Alexandra Cătălina NEDELCU, Cristian BUSU (150)

Evaluating the sustainability potential of Romanian economy in European context

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