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FIRST YEAR 2018/2019

No. Name of the Discipline Evaluation Method Professor Date Hour Room
1 EU Policy in Energy E Associate professor DUDAU RADU/ Associate professor  BINIG ALEXANDRU VALERIU 31.01.2019 10.30 4007
2 Energy Market V Associate professor  POPESCU GEORGETA CORINA/ C Associate professor ALIC OCTAVIAN CIPRIAN 12.01.2019 09.00 4012
3 Renewable Energy and Climate Change E Prof. univ. dr ADRIAN DUMITRU TANTAU/ Associate professor RUSET ION PETRU 26.01.2019 08.00 4007
4 Energy Policy and the Environment V Associate professor dr. FILIP CARLEA/, Associate professor ALEXANDRU SANDULESCU 11.01.2019 18.00 4008
5 Relationship Marketing in Energy E Lect.univ. dr CURMEI VALERIU CATALIN/Giles Dickson 02.02.2019 10.30 4007


SECOND YEAR 2018/2019

No. Name of the Discipline Evaluation Method Professor Date Hour Room
1 Energy Trading E Associate professor CORINA GEORGETA POPESCU/Assist. univ. dr CATALINA NEDELCU 01.02.2019 16.30 4007
2 Risks in Energy Business E Conf. univ. dr. CRISTIAN BUSU/  Associate professor  MIHAIL BUSU 30.01.2019 18.00 4007
3 Regional Development & Green Clusters E Prof. univ. dr MIHAELA CORNELIA DAN/ Associate professor CHINIE ALEXANDRA 26.01.2019 10.30 4007
4 Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy of Energy Companies V Conf. univ. dr. CORINA MONICA PELAU/  Associate professor  WEBER 10.01.2019 18.00 4314
5 Strategy and Performance of Energy Resources V Associate professor  CARLEA FILIP/  Associate professor IANCU IULIAN 17.01.2019 17.00 4202

Why Energy MBA?

The goal of this Program is to develop competences for managers and leaders in the Energy Business. The master students will identify the opportunities but also the risks related to the Energy Business. After this Master of Business Administration, they will have a better understanding of the Energy Business and they will have the competences to start new projects in this field. The program helps in understanding the connections between performance in business and the management of relation with the stakeholders as suppliers, clients, authorities and banks.

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Making An Impact In The Energy Sector

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The Master program „Entrepreneurship and Business Administration in Energy” is organized by the Business administration in foreign languages faculty (FABIZ) from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies in collaboration with representatives of the energy business environment (OMV Petrom, Siemens România, CEZ, Electrica, Transgaz etc.) and with professors and experts belonging to the European Union.

The program is conceived for bachelor degree graduates or equivalent, no matter the study domain, which fulfill the following requirements: they have at least one year of professional experience in energy and have good English communication skills.

The courses last 4 semesters, and are held during weekends, in Bucharest.

What our Alumni have to say

Participating in this program gave me the chance to meet the best professionals in the energy industry, dedicated and involved teachers, special colleagues. I appreciated the quality of the courses, the actuality of the debated situations and the practicalities of the examination subjects during the 2 years. For anyone interested or working in the energy field, the MBA Energy program is a great opportunity.

Roxana Sandu

I am part of the first generation of graduates from the Energy MBA. My experience during those two years was great thanks to the specialists and teachers that guided us. I had experience in this field, having already worked for two energy suppliers, but the team behind the Energy MBA provided me with a more competent understanding and overview of the energy markets. It also improved my performance at work considerably. In my opinion, this program ticks all the boxes for specialists working or aiming to work in the energy field.

Floriana Pop, Alsen Energy Consulting

Being a professional working in the energy sector, I am interested in quality information and relations. This is exactly what the Energy MBA program delivers, by bringing together academic staff and experts from a wide range of energy fields, and by mixing theoretical subjects with practical experiences from established practitioners. I have found a relaxed environment, dedicated lecturers and an overall setting that encourages the
debate of ideas and an open dialogue, indispensable factors for applied learning. I strongly endorse the Energy MBA for any young professional looking to acquire and improve technical knowledge, market awareness and geopolitical understanding.

Mihai Macarie

I want to say that this FABIZ MBA program surpassed my expectations! The fact that it is the only MBA that addresses the energy sector was an essential thing for me, as I work in this area. The structure of the program allowed me to not neglect daily activities and recommend this program to those who want to “feel”, to understand the transition of the entire energy sector, not only the one in Romania. I congratulate the entire teaching staff and those who have laid the foundation for this MBA program and wish them success further!

George Niculescu, Your Content Goes Here

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